ISACA CISM exam questions on youtube

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Cisco exams published 630 questions stretched out over six youtube videos, each lasting about an hour and a half. Can anyone comment on if these are a good study resource?  I am reading the AIO and will probably also get the 12 month Q&A db subscription, but wanted to expose myself to as many questions and answers as possible.  If you do a search for Isaca CISM real exam you will see the videos.  


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    "Cisco Exams" providing content on all kinds of exams, plus the channel registered with a Gmail address. To me that screams RUN AWAY. Also, ton of comments saying the questions are way too easy. 
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    Sometimes free is NOT good. This is one of those times.
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    Thanks to you both for the quick replies.  Would you say I'm okay with the AIO and the Isaca Q&A DB subscription, or should I also get their CISM manual?  I've read some negative comments about their exam guide.
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    The CISM manual is a necessary evil to read. The AIO will help with concepts.
    Dependending on which questions you have on the exam the question bank may or may not help, I would get them. You are better off being prepared.

    Good luck!
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