How prepared will preplogic get you?

sleemiesleemie Member Posts: 109
I just started studying the preplogic tests and without any studying i'm scoring in the 500s my first go around. I realize I need other sources, but once I master the preplogic what percentage would you say i'd be prepared for the test? 70% 80% 90%?? I've got the syngress book on the way also.


  • Vask3nVask3n Member Posts: 517
    I would advise you to thoroughly read the Syngress book. You will not be ready to take this exam simply by taking the Preplogic exams. I found that the Preplogic exams were very similar to the actual exam, perhaps slightly more difficult.
    The Syngress book is perhaps one of the best published materials to aid you in your training for the Security+ exam, so use it wisely.
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  • sleemiesleemie Member Posts: 109
    I definitely plan on using other sources, but was just curious how close I will be to being ready after mastering prep logic. Also, I'm wondering if I can get away with just prep logic and whatever comes with the book as far as practice tests or if I need the exam cram or something else also.

    My plan is to go with preplogic, the syngress book and then the technotes on this site. oh, I also bought the mega study guide from prep. not sure if it's considered any good or not.
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