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I am studying hard for ICND2 and thought I understood HSRP as it is configured on routers.  I came across this question where HSRP is configured on 2 switches and am just not familiar with that setup.  Can someone point me in the right direction?  I guess i can look into my Odom OCG, but I often feel that topics are not clear in his book (I know most people like them, no offense just my learning style probably).
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    I can't see option D, it seems cut out. My understanding as well was the protocol related to Routers and not switches. This might be related to Layer 3 switches...
    I am also not certain where VLAN 100 and 200 "live". If FA 0/2 goes down, DSW1 is offline
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    I believe it is related to layer 3 switches.   That's my focus.   Thanks for commenting.
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    This question deals with MLS.  Multi Layer Switches doing routing.  hsrp works the same on switches running hsrp as routers running hsrp.  And, vlans 100 and 200 probably live on some access layer switches somewhere.  but, knowing where vlan 100 and 200 live isn't necessary to get the answer.

    First, find which switch is passing traffic for which vlan.
    standby 0 is active on dsw1 and standby 1 is active on dsw2.
    standby 0 is for vlan 100 and standby 1 is for vlan 200

    There is no tracking defined on dsw1.  So, when the port goes down, the priority doesn't change.
    dsw1 is still active for vlan 100.  dsw1 is not getting traffic for vlan 100.  But, traffic for vlan 100 doesn't go anywhere else either.

    answer A is correct.  dsw2 is active for vlan 200 and vlan 200 traffic will still go through it when dsw1's port goes down.
    answer B is wrong.  dsw1 isn't going to forward traffic for either vlan.
    answer C is wrong.  dsw2's ports don't go down.  So, the active hsrp's aren't going to change.
    answer D is wrong.  there is probably just one right answer and that is A.  and all the above would be wrong too
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    This is helpful.   Thank you.  I'll read it over and figure it out. 
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