Passed GCPM 86%

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I passed this back near the end of Dec 2019. I had a tough time with this class but overall I see the value in it. This was part of the SANS STI program. I'm usually really good at creating my index but you just really need to learn this one. There are a few print outs floating around for PMP that have all the processes, inputs/outputs and tools. I found those very helpful. 

Practice Test 1- 70%
Practice Test 2- 83%
Exam- 86%


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    This is the last exam I have to complete the MSISE.  I was planning to take this in Orlando in April but I just read that it's going to be available on-Demand starting in May/June so I may wait for that.  Do you think there was any benefit from taking the course live?  Would your overall experience be any different if you just picked up the books and read the material on your own?
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    Honestly I don’t think in person mattered. There were maybe 2 or 3 group interactive things but they didn’t really matter. I wasn’t the best student that week so I spent more time reading it on my own. I’d do on demand or if you’re really going to go for it, just do the pmp. 
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    My least favorite SANS class I've taken so far. I understand the value of it, I just didn't enjoy it. It's a necessary evil for STI.
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    Solid! Are you going to take PMP as well?
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    I have no plans to take the pmp.
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