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Switched from an HR background (Graphic Design BFA) to IT last summer. Working on a enterprise helpdesk now supporting 17K users. Pursuing InfoSec and re-upping my Network + and Security + certs this year. Looking forward to integrating within this community.


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    Congrats on the switch, and I hope you do great things!  How are you liking the IT world compared to your previous background?
    Master of Business Administration in Information Technology Management - Western Governors University
    Master of Science in Information Security and Assurance - Western Governors University
    Bachelor of Science in Network Administration - Western Governors University
    Associate of Applied Science x4 - Heald College
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    Never let your fear decide your fate....
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    Hi all!

    Loving it so far - full of challenges, information, funny stories, and a learning curve that is unmatched. I'm truly happy I jumped into IT.
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    I agree, the learning curve is unmatched and there are so many challenges that really make you think. I’m glad I jumped into it as well. Not to mention so many other opportunities as well as flexibility(IT is everywhere!)
    Certs: CCNA(200-301), Network+, A+, LPI Linux Essentials
    Goals: CCNP Enterprise(ENCOR + ENARSI), AWS CSA - Associate, Azure AZ-104, Become better at python, learn docker and kubernetes

    Degree: A.S. Network Administration
    Pursuing: B.S. in I.T. Web and Mobile Development Concentration
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    Keep up the amazing work, @DFTK13

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