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I've seen a couple of posts about Brandeis University in the past, but most are at least 4 years old, and seemingly don't really do a good job of explaining the value of this school or particular program. It appears the program has received an overhaul recently, at least in name, and perhaps in content as well. I'm looking at doing this instead of the WGU route for my MS degree. Does anyone have any experience with this school or program?

I don't really know why I want to go to Brandeis, as I work government and don't think they care where your degree comes from (at least in my experience). Maybe it's just the fact that it's tied for #40 overall in the country (https://www.usnews.com/best-colleges/brandeis-university-2133) and that draws me towards it, the fact that it's an actual brick and mortar school that is respected, or maybe it's just that I like the format of the classes and the content better. But it just seems appealing, all the way around. I'm using the GI Bill along with other funds as necessary, and not really worried about the financial aspect or how WGU might be cheaper.

So yea, thoughts appreciated comparing or at least contrasting the two universities and programs. For instance, with WGU's MSCIA I already have CEH, and CHFI isn't really a cert I feel is highly desired or valued across the information security space, so that wouldn't really be a pro for me. It would actually be a con, as I'm studying for CISSP right now and would rather not have to study for a cert I don't think I'd use long term. I already have about 8 certifications I don't even list or can't use, so I don't want to add another.

Maybe there are others considering this school and we can all get some info! If nothing else, I feel like 4 years is too long to go without having at least 1 post about a good school that provides fully online IT degrees/programs at the graduate level!

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