Passed ICND2

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Took the plunge and passed this morning with an 835.  Thought I was going to fail the whole time, but I guessed luckily.  I think I did well with the simulations, although they seemed unfamiliar on the output of the commands, but I was able to use deductive reasoning and eliminate wrong answers.  Used Boson to study almost exlusively.  I really memorized the Boson test A, B, C, D and E.  Would practice with packet tracer anything that I felt was important.  Thanks for all the help.  



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    nice job! congrats! Scheduling mine for sometime in the next week or two as well.
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    Congrats! Did you get any questions on MST? I have my ICND2 scheduled for Feb. 14.

    For the Boson Exams, do you remember what your scores were for each test when you took it the first time? I've scored between 71-75% on exams A, B, and C the first time around. Going to continue studying and take exam D next week.
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    All forms of stp.  I never did Boson as simulations, just memorized all 4 Boson tests 
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    Congrats! I got my CCENT, but ran out of time for ICND2. So I'm taking a 2 month Cisco break and getting my Security+. Then I'm right back to CCNA.

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