Passed CISM n 1st attempt

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Write the exam on 20 Jan, got the confirmation in 9 days.

How I prepare for it

Went for official 4 days training at training centre.

Purchase the Isaca official QnA DB.

Spent 1 week reading the official manual.

Spent another 2 weeks with an average of an hour plus per day trying out the Questions in the Isaca DB. Find it very helpful as it provide answer and explanation to why the correct answer is selected.

Did the practice exam in the last 3 days before the exam. to get myself familiar with the test engine.

Have a good night sleep before exam.

While doing the exam, read very carefully. Please note that by remembering the qns in the QnA will not pass the exam. You need to understand the concept and how the questions are structure. With that you are able to read what the question trying to ask you.

Even when selecting the answer, you got to be careful and read more than once to confirm it. Sometime it can be very tricky and you might miss it.

If not sure flag the question and come back review again. I did around 30 + of them.

I manage to complete the questions using approx. 3 hours and use 1/2 hour to review the others questions which I am not confident in.

Hope this will help others.

Cheers and good luck!



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