CCIE Enterprise worth the investment?

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Hey all, 

Firstly sorry if this is in the wrong subject section, its more of a career related question rather than course/exam specific question so thout Id post under IT jobs.

Currently Im a network admin on track to complete the CCNP R/S and am strongly considering studying the CCIE Enterprise cert this year.

Some background on my future goals is to be a senior/network engineer in a cisco based environment in the UK.

My question, is with the current landscape of the industry is it a good investment to get the CCIE enterprise? obviously the blue print is changing for the emerging technologies like SD Wan and automation, but would employers actually be looking for those skills over the current CCIEs Core R/S only skillset?

I imagine so as cisco wouldnt be changing the cert to adapt to the new landscape, but was just seeking clarity from those more experienced or further along in a similar sort of position :)



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