Do Boson exams get progressively harder?

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Hi team,

Just for the sake of knowing, can anyone confirm if the Bosom ExSim exams get progressively harder for each exam (A, B, C, and D)?
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    I don't think they get progressively harder, but I do think they have equal levels of difficulty.  Just because you take and review the answers for the first exam doesn't mean you're going to know all of the answers for the second exam(unless you know the material.)
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    No, they’re all the same across the different objectives in difficulty, sure there’s some questions that will make you think harder and longer such as vlsm, subnetting or using specific commands to find out network information. But overall it’s not like lvl 1...2 and so on.

    Overall Boson is the best and the real deal for the CCNA exam simulations, I really enjoy their answer format that really goes into depth about what’s happening in the question instead of just giving the answer. 
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