SSCP eligibility questions

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Hi, I'm thinking about getting my SSCP BUT I want to do it in my free time without my work knowing as I want to move away from being a sys/network admin and go into security thus leaving the company.
But my question is then how would I prove my eligibility? I read somewhere that ISC will call your current and previous jobs to check your work experience, is this true?
They can call my previous jobs but not my current one of course as I dont want to stay.

But maybe my previous jobs are good enough to be eligible too. You have to have 1 year experience in one of the following domains:
  • Domain 1. Access Controls.
  • Domain 2. Security Operations and Administration.
  • Domain 3. Risk Identification, Monitoring and Analysis.
  • Domain 4. Incident Response and Recovery.
  • Domain 5. Cryptography.
  • Domain 6. Network and Communications Security.
  • Domain 7. Systems and Application Security.
I have been a 1st line support functions in my previous 2 jobs (6 years in total), in both I had to create users and manage their access rights through AD, also some small things regarding security. Stuff 1st line does. Is that enough already for domain 1? I find it difficult what work experience falls exactly under the domains. In my current job I have experience in more of the domains but like I said I don't want them to contact my manager...

I hope anyone can make this clear for me, otherwise I'm going to have to go for the Comptia pathway I guess..




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    Have you read the exam outline?
    There are tasks/subtasks for each domain listed in there. Do you have one year of experience covering at least one subtask in at least one domain? Or perhaps you have a degree that can act as an experience waiver?
    If you do decide to go for the exam and pass, you then need to go through the endorsement process which is where you provide details of your experience or your degree. To pass the endorsement process you need to have an endorser, who is someone who holds an ISC2 credential, or you can ask ISC2 to be your endorser.
    If you have an endorser, it will be up to them if they want to contact anyone you list in your experience / degree details. If you opt for ISC2 to be your endorser they might contact anyone you list in your experience / degree details. If you are randomly selected for audit then they definitely will contact them.
    If you don't want them to contact your current employer then don't put them down in your experience details.

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