Best book for real world?

We use checkpoint at my job and I want to learn the program because I have to begin working on it. What's the best book for that? Not concerned about the test.


  • forbeslforbesl Member Posts: 454
    Have you even looked in this CCSA/CCSE forum to see what books others have used? It's not a very big forum!
  • sleemiesleemie Member Posts: 109
    That's why I specifically asked for the real world and not certification because the people on here would be recommending books geared towards the certiciation, and often times books are either geared more towards getting you certified or towards teaching you the topic, and if you're lucky you can find one that does both.
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    For real life topics please take "Syngress NGX Configuration Book" into your consideration.
    Another portion of materials to study you can take directly from checkpoint site -> download -> R61 (latest relase) There is a tons of product documentation on very ambitious level.
    Another place to rootle around for information is Checkpoint knowledge base, but access is restricted to CP proffesionals or those, who pay for access ;)
    With any of CP cert you have benefit with 1 year free subscription
    Last way is that you can simply find any open CP forum like

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