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I recently went through a 2:45 minute interview just recently and now they want to bring me back for a tech interview.  Only problem is I really don't like the guy who is going to be interviewing, and from the way it sounds I'll be working with him.  

I have something else in the works, in fact I'm in the next phase meet the team (we all know that is usually a good sign), but I don't have it right now.  What strategy would you use here?  Maybe ask for a few days delay to see if something moves along quickly with the other job and then cancel the interview or just go do it for "fun"? 


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    Honestly, unless it cuts too much into your time, I would go for the interview. You certainly can try to stall, and see if your contingency plan works out. Worse case, if the company you don't feel good about working with the guy gives you an offer, you are under no obligation to accept it.
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    Thanks for the info
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    I ran into the same situation. Basically, I delayed the interview with the company I didn't really like by a week. Thankfully, things went fast with the one I preferred. 

    If you don't like the guy, I wouldn't even entertain unless you need the job. You've been doing this sucessfully for a while, you've paid your dues. No need for us to make sacrifices that we would have made at the beginning of our careers unless there's no other way around it. 
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    We professionals don't get much of a chance to practice our interviewing skills in a real-world setting. I would go ahead and interview with the guy you don't like and discover what you can learn from the experience. You are under no obligation to accept his offer if he wants to hire you.
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