Taking the network+ exam in the Uk

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Anyone from the UK that has taken the network+ plus exam. I just signed up to pearsonvue and it is £195 to take the exam. Are they having a laugh.  Is this what you paid?. 


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    Blimey that's expensive, i don't understand why they charge so much for these exams as it's for education.
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    Cheers, i am looking to update my skills and it seemed to be a good way to get into networking rather than doing operating systems again. The network+ is a big exam and there is a lot to remember, i have been reading books for months and started doing some practice exams which seem to cover stuff that was not even in the book. i have put so much work into it now but seeing its 200 quid for the exam has put me of a bit. Might just go straight on to studying the Cisco exam instead.
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    cheers for the advice, i have spent a few bob on a book and some practice exams, not so much but at the same time have gained a lot of good knowledge. I don't find the network+ questions hard, just remembering an awful lot of acronyms and different protocols and all the standards.  i found some good Cisco free video courses which look really good. think i might look into doing that instead. would not mind paying a bit for Cisco exam lol, be worth it. Thanks for the advice. 
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    I just checked and full retail in the United States for Net+ is $329, but I've heard there are vouchers to reduce that cost. When I took mine in 2008, I paid only around $230. By comparison my Microsoft exams at the time were $125 and even included a free retake if I failed the exam.
    I'm going to guess why these industry group certs are more expensive is because that's their big source of revenue. Microsoft and Cisco sell products, lots of them, the exam fee probably just needs to cover admin costs of creating and maintaining the exam. Though Cisco and VMware exams can get quite price for their high level certs.
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