Does the new Cisco Security degree (2020) have anything with cybersecurity?

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I am a  student at Uni. I want to know more about cybersecurity


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    What do you mean by a Cisco security degree?
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    FYI - This thread should be moved into the Cisco section as it currently sits in ISC2.
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    The plot thickens. I just realized it's tagged GIAC SANS. Waiting on OP to clarify the intent. No sure if if the topic is Cisco, SANS, degrees, certs, Win95, Novell, or what.
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    OP, what have you found so far on Cisco's website?
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    Just looked at Cisco's latest offerings, didn't see anything that resembles a "degree", just the same security specialties available in 2019. Very much doubt Cisco would wish to go into accredited education. Just look at the trouble SANS has had with acquiring proper accreditation.

    Oh wait I see this is roger1's and only post on the board. Apologize for passing out a troll cookie.

    - b/eads
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    Probably an honest question from someone outside of the industry. Based on the spelling, could be third world, and the user saw some schools advertising cyber security degrees while advertising brand names (cisco, microsoft, comptia, etc). 

    If OP was still interested we would need more information to help him. Like where did he see this information about a cisco cyber security degree? and maybe we can start to unpack this and help him to figure out his path. 
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    A student who visits a university should be able to get those information by himself....except it's a banana university that teaches banana policies to rule a banana republic.
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    We are here to help
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    I was wondering what Uni. was, it's either the University of Northern Iowa, or someone too damn lazy to type out the entire word University. Well you have to admit it has a Lot of letters in it. 
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    In UK/Australia/NZ we say uni

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    The (ISC)2 posted a news article in May 2020 about the new recognition of the CISSP certification in the UK. It helps explain that one evaluating organization in the UK (NARIC) has decided that the full CISSP certification is "comparable" to the UK Master's degree in terms of what the holder of either designation can fundamentally perform.

    From the Wikipedia:

    Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF) - Level 7
    • Holder can use specialised skills to conceptualise and address problematic situations that involve many interacting factors.
    • Holder can determine and use appropriate methodologies and approaches.
    • Holder can design and undertake research, development or strategic activities to inform or produce change in the area of work or study.
    • Holder can critically evaluate actions, methods and results and their short- and long-term implications.

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