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So after 10 years in security I finally have time to get CCNA.  I have always felt that the CCNA would be a great foundation and still to this day think it will still help me.   Funny thing is that everything has changed since I was first interested in this exam 6 years ago.  

Can anyone point me in the right direction on study material for someone with my experience.  Sec +, CISSP, CEH etc... 10+ years ISSM/ISSO

From what I can tell Odem's OCG is a good resource as well as Boson labs.  


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    Obviously, you'll need to look for the newly released CCNA 200-301. Boson along with CBT Nuggets just released the new version and other books are expected to drop soon. 
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    Well, if it's any consolation, I first took interest in getting the CCNA in the year 2000, but never got around to taking the exam until 2017.
    Mikey88 listed some of the best study and prep resources available. CBT Nuggets was a big help for me. After getting your CCNA you could easily pursue the CCNA security path.
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    Look here -
    CBT Nuggets for the basics, high level
    Boson practise tests
    David Bombal labs on Udemy
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