Proposed training options from Offensive Security and eLearnSecurity since content updates.

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If I recall correctly, eLearnSecurity and Offensive Security have recently made content updates to several of their course offerings. I have a specific goal to attempt both OSCP and PTP this year. I have a limited training budget that would only allow the $999 offering from Offensive Security or the "Full" (not "Elite") offering for PTP training from eLearnSecurity. (I was pleased with eLearnSecurity's WAPTv3 content purchased in 2019.) From those who have taken both exams recently, is it realistic to presume the eLearnSecurity PTP training for the PTP exam overlaps enough with the OSCP content that it would reduce the need for official OSCP training (or vice versa with the updates)? As a side note, I have pentesting experience and a paid subscription to HTB.

I do not expect a full overlap of the content and there are a number of freely available resources on-line to supplement for missing content. However, I would simply like feedback from those who have experience with both exams and/or course content to help guide me in a direction that would help solidify my selection of training material that will satisfy my training budget and best assist in building my skill set, marketability, and so on. Thank you for your help and please message me if more clarity is required.


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    I don't think the PTP has been updated recently but the PWK definitely has been. I have been volunteered to begin the PWK this Saturday. How intensely will you be able to train? $999 of PWK is for 30 calendar days whereas the PTP full is 60 hours of labs, use at your leisure.

    For some, 30 days isn't even enough to get through the course manual. In a way, I actually like the artificial drive that scarcity will create. I suspect many that sign up for PTP end up dragging it out over a year or longer because there's no urgency to complete it quickly.
    I'm not fully qualified to answer your question and I'm under the impression that the PTP is an equal alternative to the PWK in terms of learning value.
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    Thanks yoba222. You make a good point about the 30 day window versus the 60 hours worth of on-demand labs and content offered with the PTP. When I set a goal, I remain diligent. However, Q1 and Q2 have proved to be filled with intense projects in regards to my employer's needs. Based on the points you have made, the best scenario is quite possibly the PTP first (fulfilled by my employer) and personally save for the OSCP material during the PTP timeline of studying and exam completion. This way, my notes and methodologies will be solidified and I should be ready to transition to the OSCP immediately aftwards.
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