I have a couple questions about the test.

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There is a couple of things that I need help figuring out:

1. I need in the 510s to pass, right? I am wondering, because I heard that it was 600+, but I don't know.

2. I have heard about the Meyers book, but is "A+ 2nd ed." by Ed Tittel good for studying, because that is what I got with my 1st semester's college books last year. It is really detailed, but I want know how much help it really is.

3. How detailed will they get with the BIOS itself on the test ( like which menu item to place to get to point x, etc.)

4. There are a couple dozen types of memory on the test. How detailed will they be with the types of memory?

5. Will there be a mix of real-life situation and simple questions about items like Which is.., What is..., etc. (some of the practice tests book and online are like that!).

6. Finally, what materials did they cover a lot and not much at all when you took your test. (Not asking for answers, I just want an idea on what I am in for!!! icon_smile.gif )

Thanks!! Great site by the way!!!


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