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Hello Everyone.

I don't know if this is the right place or not. However, I want to ask about the Coure Academy course "30- day Windows Security Crash Course".
If anyone had taken the course, how is it? Is it worth it or not.


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    well.. it is 30 lessons of 30 min for 599$ so 15h of training.  I looked at the syllabus and about half are interesting (for me)

    30 minutes for a subject is not long. It is really an overview of 30 differents subject. If you are starting, it could be nice.  
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    Thank you for your respond.

    I want Windows security course and this the only thing i could find.
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    Windows security course is quite wide as subject.  Please tell us what your goal, what are your background ? 
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    I'm cyber security engineer in MSSP company which provide cyber security services, and i was working in access control and email security. I got new assignment to work as SOC, we just started to build our SOC.
    Before I was working as support engineer for 6 years, so i know my way around windows. I just want to fresh up my memory in Windows security.
    I have taken CCNA cyberops and PTS, PTP, Ihrp in progress. Thank you.

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    CQURE currently has a course at BlackHat which seems to be getting a positive response. 

    Taken from their Blackhat course description: ADVANCED HACKING AND SECURING WINDOWS INFRASTRUCTURE
    "The only workshop delivered by someone who has access to a source code of Windows!"

    I will be signing up for the "30-day Windows Security Crash Course" & hopefully next year I will take their online Advanced course. 

    Advanced Windows Security Course
    "This course happens ONLY once a year, is never the same and is limited to 200 students who have to apply to take part." 

    I feel confident this is a high quality and in-depth course. Their windows internals course looks amazing too!
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    @chrisone Thank you for the response. 
    I did not know that they have access to the Windows source code. I will try to register for the course. 
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