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what is the expected outcome of security awareness in support of security a security awareness program?

A. Awareness activities should be used to focus on security concerns and respond to those concerns accordingly
B. Awareness is not an activity or part of the training but rather a state of persistence to support the program
C. Awareness is training. The purpose of awareness presentations is to broaden attention of security.
D. Awareness is not training. The purpose of awareness presentation is simply to focus attention on security.

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    Read the question several times without choosing an answer.
    Read each answer and then re-read the question.
    C is the only viable answer to the question.
    Work smarter NOT harder! Semper Gumby!
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    This is a best answer answer question.

    A.) Good answer unto itself. Is there anything better?
    B.) Good candidate answer. Also true but doesn't really answer the context of the question. Probably not.
    *C.) Two parts. If both statements are true this would be the best answer. Awareness IS training. Good there. The purpose of awareness presentations is to broaden attention of security. Also true. This answer gives us TWO fully qualified answers where our other candidate gives us just one satisfactory answer to our question.
    D.) Is a bogus, red herring for you to immediately dismiss.

    If you can learn to take tests well. I mean really well, you can pass nearly any exam you are familiar with the subject matter. This is not an uncommon question tactic for ISC(2), ISACA or Microsoft. Caveat being those questions tend to be MUCH longer, more complex and have more useless details that have nothing to do with the actual question.

    Good question though.

    - b/eads

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    According to Eric Conrad (11-th hour CISSP, Third Edition, page 19) "Awareness and training are often confused. Awareness changes behavior, while training provides a skill set." So IMO he is saying they are different. Comments please!!!
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    Your trying to fit the foot to the shoe not the other way around. Your looking for the best answer not once but twice making 'C' the best answer for this question as it reinforces the original question. A and B answer the question but only have one element. Possible answer 'D' is completely wrong and can be dismissed.

    Outside of what Eric says in one of his books being true, 'C' still wins because it answers the question not once but twice.
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