Passed today

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I used the Exam Cram Prep 2, the 800 page book, Exam Cram 2 practice questions book and the Measureup cd's included with both books. I also used this sites technotes. The actual exam was not similar to anything I studied. A lot of troubleshooting questions which I did well on, but also a bunch of Apple, very detailed cable, Netware, and Unix questions that were very tough. Many questions were long and quite wordy, making you re-read it and really have to think about the solution. Very few short, simple questions with simple answers. There were also about 5 questions that were so poorly written that I couldn't figure out what they were asking. It was nothing more than a pure guess on those. As many tests as CompTia gives, you would think that they could pay someone with a high school education minimum wage to proof read the tests. I mean really, if you can't understand what the question is asking, how can you answer it? It took me down to the last 5 minutes to finish the test and I used all of the last 5 minutes to review. Scored 592. For all the studying I did over the last several months, I was expecting much higher, but not working in the field there is an almost endless amount of stuff to study and remember.


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