How's everyone dealing with the deadly corona virus?

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I have seen many of my friends getting the option of working from home. 
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    I think most responsible company will allow some kind of remote work. We are an IT company, so teleworking is easy for most of us 
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    Just trying to go about life as normal, I already work from home most of the time anyway
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    I mentioned this over in another thread, but I'm able to work from home, and my degree program is online already, so you could probably consider me "one of the lucky ones." 
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    Going on 3 weeks holiday to nowhere...
    I can work remotely if required. Customers still seem to be asleep about working from home and remotely connecting
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    Prepping for the secure-in-place message because if we do get sent home my smoker will be running overtime while I configure my new toys that were recovered from the destruction pile: 3x Dell R710 with dual X5675 and 8x 900gb/10k HDD, 2x Dell R610 with dual E5620 and 6x 146gd/15k hdd, Cisco 3750G PoE-48, Cisco 898EA, Brocade ICX6610-24, Cisco 2801, Cisco 3945. Going to immolate part of my work environment so I can engineer some improvements. I will running be a 3 host ESXI 6.7u3 cluster with the R710s. Plan is to run Server 2019, Server 2016, CUCM, Jabber, Plex, Openmediavault, Debian, RHEL 8, pfsense, pi-hole and more. Yes, this is a mad scientist lab that will be separate from my home network. I just need to find a used 24-27U cabinet so I can start tinkering.

    I will also grab a couple Cisco IP phones another router and a switch so I can prep for ccnp collaboration 2020 after I finish CCNP Enterprise.

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    As of March 7th, the CDC estimates that there have been 22,000 deaths from influenza infections in the USA so far in 2020. Compare this to the CDC March 15th report of COVID-19 deaths in the USA at 68.

    I'm questioning the use of the word "deadly" in the title of this thread.

  • chrisonechrisone Member Posts: 2,278 ■■■■■■■■■□
    At least for the IT department, my employer this week has started having employees work part time home and part time office. The other employees I think are working from home permanently until April 1st. 
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    People comparing the number of deaths from a virus that just started spreading a couple months ago here in the US to one that has been spreading here for over a hundred years will never cease to amaze me.    Its proven to be more "deadly" when it infects someone if you want to go in semantics.   
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    But that is 22k deaths out of 13 million people (0.0016923076923077% kill rate) who got the "normal" flu while the CV19 deaths are 87 out of 4466(0.0194805194805195% kill rate) which is 10x the kill rate. So in essence CV19 is deadlier than "normal" flu. 

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    JDMurray said:
    As of March 7th, the CDC estimates that there have been 22,000 deaths from influenza infections in the USA so far in 2020. Compare this to the CDC March 15th report of COVID-19 deaths in the USA at 68.

    I'm questioning the use of the word "deadly" in the title of this thread.

    Let this thing spread to become as common as the flu, and it won't be questioned anymore. 68 and rising as this just hit our shores a few weeks ago. Flu has been here for generations. Once this thing spreads, it'll cause a lot more, so they are trying to contain the spread. 

    That said, I'm not worried about it for myself. It's impacting a lot of things around here (closing down everything, work from home, projects put on hold, etc.). I'm worried about the response. Businesses losing sales for at least 4 weeks in Washington & Oregon, people panicking and buying more than they need, hording, etc.. 

    It is "only" 68 deaths, but if that number rises too fast, how will those panicky people react? 
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    It is also deadlier for those in certain risk categories.

    That said, I still took umbrage (gentle, albeit) at the thread title. :) Then again, I'm sick of reading "novel coronavirus" as well in news articles.

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    Gaming honestly...  After finally finishing AWS-CSAA and AWS-CCP I am taking a break.  Sad thing is the past couple of months I've been studying for those two certs non-stop so I haven't really been as social as I usually am.  Two weeks after I passed those certs this whole corona thing kind of blew up and now I'm going to be working from home and staying home for the foreseeable future.

    Stay safe!
  • yuddhidhtiryuddhidhtir Member Posts: 196 ■■■■□□□□□□
    I have been given the option of working from home till 25th March.  I hope the situation improves by end of this month. We don''t want to be in a situation which China and Italy is going through.
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    Sadly my new position doesn't have telework capabilities.  They have decided to implement a 50% rule where half of the staff can work from 6AM to 3PM and the other half can work from 3PM to midnight.  There aren't that many people at my office anyway so we have plenty of space to maintain proper distances.  
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    Some real misinformation going on in this thread.   This is extremely serious.

    I found this to be a very interesting interview.  I suggest reading the CDC and WHO websites, not Breitbart and the other tin foil publications.
  • srothmansrothman Member Posts: 69 ■■■□□□□□□□
    Remote work and Work from Home has always been a policy at our company, so it's really much of a muchness for me. I am finding that I have to block out a few minutes here and there in between meetings/calls for breaks. We take for granted how important that little bit of distraction is when we make our way to the loo, water cooler, or the casual chit-chat in the passage. With more meetings than ever being virtual, having back-to-backs is becoming the norm, and this is exhausting.

    Getting around to a little bit more studying too, which is nice.

    Protect yourself, friends.
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