Cybersecurity Weekly: Carding gang busted, Tupperware suffers cyberattack, Linksys under fire

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Government officials shut down a huge credit card fraud ring. A cyberattack harvests card details from Tupperware customers. Linksys routers see more frequent cyberattacks as more employees work from home. All this, and more, in this week’s edition of Cybersecurity Weekly.


1. Russians shut down huge card fraud ring

Federal investigators in Russia charged over 25 people accused of operating a sprawling international credit card theft ring. The raid included the charging of a major carding kingpin. He is thought to be tied to dozens of carding shops and some of the bigger data breaches targeting western retailers over the past decade.
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2. Tupperware cyberattack stores away customer payment cards

Cybercriminals hacked the official website of Tupperware and injected a payment card skimmer into its checkout page to steal the credit card details of online customers. Security researchers first identified the skimmer on March 20, but there’s no indication of how long the site was compromised before that.
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3. Brute-force attack aims at Linksys routers as more people work remotely

A cybercrime group is scanning the internet for vulnerable Linksys routers. This is the first stage of an attack that ultimately aims to fool users into downloading and installing malware. After compromising the router, the attacker directs the victim to a page that uses the fear of the coronavirus pandemic to install the malicious program.
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