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I would like to know if anyone used Allen Super Review online ( certifiedinfosecurity ) , could i rely on this course without reading CRM?


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    I used the course + ISACA online database back in 2015 to pass the CISA exam.

    Just make sure to to get at least 95% on the course quizzes.
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    I bought the manual but didn't read it.

    I think the course was more helpful, it gave me the knowledge needed to answer the Database questions and pass the exam.

    Back then I remember they had a money back guarantee but you had pass the quizzes with a 95% score to be eligible for the refund if you fail the exam, that really help push me to study more to pass the 95% mark.

    The official Database was important as it gave me a feeling on how the actual exam questions are worded.

    My advise is to buy both of them.


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    Thank you for your response 
    So you didn't read manual book .
    My last enquiry which one did you find more helpful and effective after passing CISA : 
    Allen Super Review or Database questions
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    Thank you for your message and the details you posted.
    As you mentioned i will use both starting Allen Super Review lecture and practice questions and move after that to database questions by utilizing this technique i could clear CISA.
    Regards and Thanks

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