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Wanted to share my experience to help others who are coming down the same road.

I started the eJPT journey while still in IT Audit. Wanted to expand into pentesting to be more technically aware of relevant risks in my org. I first became aware of OSCP and when looking at the prerequisite knowledge figured I wasn’t actually ready when further comparing costs to pursue oscp at around 1500 dollars. 

I ended up doing eJPT before oscp based on a network referral and can say I am very impressed with the quality of the material compared to the cost of the course. 

I took the elite package on a year end holiday deal at under 300. I passed the exam after about 8 hours in the lab. Here’s my general advice:

1. I was a pentesting noob so anyone can pass this
2. the full package is probably enough for anyone as I still have over 30 hours of lab time left. 
3. You do not need the black box labs but they teach you good extra knowledge above and beyond the exam so it almost prepares you via overkill and over the top knowledge

4. The labs you need to know for the exam I took include networking pivoting to other networks, inspecting packet capture files, metaspolit, Nessus, ftp, nmap brute forcing and scanning, shell commands for windows and nix systems. They teach exploit development with c++ and python but it’s not needed. SQL injection and xss are also present. 

5. exam took me about 8 hours to complete and most of that was due to me being stuck in the initial network before figuring out how to pivot successfully to the others so networking is very important early on to get to the finish 

6. You will need to research and download other tools on the spot to help you on some parts depending on your distro.

7 the course does give you everything you need. Drill all the labs at least twice or  until you can do them without too much trouble and take good notes as you study and during the exam on commands tried , nmap scan results etc. 


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