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Hello Everyone,

Requesting you to please guide me for OSCP certification. I want to enroll for OSCP cert so Could you please guide me on how can I start preparation.
I have good experience in an application pen test and a little bit of network pentest. 


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    You can start by looking at the official OSCP training page. Then you should search for OSCP on this site and read about our member's past experiences with the OSCP certification. Reddit has an OSCP prep subreddit. Google is also a great way to find blog posts about OSCP experiences. Just make sure that the information you are reading is not too old, as the OSCP material and exam does change over time.  Good luck!
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    First, I'd suggest using Google to look for "OSCP reviews." There are literally hundreds of blog posts and forum posts about preparing for the OSCP and feedback from those who have failed and passed.

    Second, look at the official page and check out the course syllabus for topics. Of those topics, do you think you are ready to learn them or do you think they're going to be beyond your skills to learn? Keeping in mind you don't need to know those topics; it *is* a course designed to teach you those topics. But if you're expected to attack boxes using Metasploit and you don't even know much about Kali Linux, you're going to have a steep hill to climb at first.

    Third, when you read other lists and preparation notes, be honest with yourself with what you know and don't know. A huge part of preparing for the OSCP with an eye for success is being honest with yourself.

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