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I was wondering if anyone knew how to write a research paper or would have a temp-let / outline for one. This is my last month in school and my senior project could be anything i want it to be, in this case i created a database in Access, nothing crazy. The hotel i work at / software doesnt have the ability to look up guests that are banned from the hotel, so i created a Database that has there names in it and a form for the workers to use that says "enter first name" "enter last name" "enter zip". Just a simple database on the side thats faster to look up names vs all the stack on papers. The issue i am having is i didnt do any research to make this database, iv taken a class in SQL the previous semester so all the things that go into writing a research paper i just cant think of anything, even how to do a thesis im at a blank. 


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    Most colleges want papers written in either APA or MLA format. APA seems to be the more popular format and I have always used APA myself. A search on APA research paper turns up a few good examples.
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    I used the example papers in the textbook from my ENG 2100 or whatever research paper/writing course I had to take. If you still have your textbooks that might be handy. Though this paper's topic sounds more like documenting a project rather than a research paper, but you'd be able to adapt it somehow--maybe like a kind of business analyst approach were you did requirements gathering, developed use cases, etc.
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    Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL) should be able to set you on the right track.
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    I appreciate the help, but Purdeue didnt show, it has blot points, but im looking for something that shows me step by step how to write one, i cant come up with a single sentence on my own. Not a writter, i reached out the writing center and they gave me a templet. So this is the last paper ill ever write, if anyone in the world asks me to write another paper or a thesis statment ill tell them to screw off.

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    Read all of the bullet points on the OWL site.  It even covers the topics that JDMurray mentioned.
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    The formatting of the paper does not guide how you perform your research. Think about how you will actually set up and perform your research and document your findings by just taking notes. Writing the paper in the proper format from your research notes is the last thing you will do.
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    You most likely need to purchase the APA book (APA v7). It will serve you well for years to come:

    I have some examples here (APA v6):
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