Affordable Software For Security Assessments

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Hello all,

Do any of you more experienced folks know where to find affordable software for use in security compliance assessments for areas listed below:

  • 800-115
  • FedRAMP
  • 800-53 
  • 800-171
  • 800-66
  • ISO 27001

    If I were to pick one that I'm absolutely looking for it's the HIPAA/HITECH assessment software, however if you know about a comprehensive solution that'll be very awesome as well.  As always thanks in advance for your suggestions, tips, and comments.


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     If Microsoft salespeople had their way, all you'd need to manage a project would be to purchase a license to Microsoft Office Project 2020 and you could point and click manage the project  easy as 1-2-3. Similarly, getting compliant isn't as easy as throwing software at the environment. My company does this for clients sometimes and there's are reason why we charge a decent chunk of money to do it. That said, we don't really use one piece of software to do it all. Depends on what specific task needs doing. Many things are free, but need setting up and dedicated man-hours to monitor and maintain.
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  • egrizzlyegrizzly B.Sc (Info. Systems), CISSP, CCNA, CCNP, Security+ Member Posts: 352 ■■■■□□□□□□
    Thanks Yoba. You're awesome.  Can you share some of the free risk assessment software you've come across? 
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