EIGRP Default Route vs Default Network.

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Just brushing up on some routing during lockdown and have found something I can't quite get my head around.

I understand the concept of redistributing a static route into EIGRP and can follow most of the Default Network concept bar one thing.

I'm using Kevin Wallace's 300-101 book as reference.

I understand the pros of using default network as a means of removing default network from routing tables, should the originating router fail. I understand that it is marked as a candidate default route on originating router, however, does the internet facing router need to create it's own unadvertised static default route to forward unknown traffic to the internet?

From his configuration it is not immediately obvious how his internet forwarding router forwards unknown traffic towards the internet.


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    From what I can recall yes, the default network is used to get the network attached to a router that has the capability to route to all other networks, either via having a local default route or for e.g. having the full bgp table or all other routes reachable via the router advertising the default network.
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