IAPP CIPP/US: Who’s failed before?

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I’m an attorney working a policy job (took 4 tries, spectacular essays, abysmal at multiple choice), but I want to move into privacy full-time, since I excel at it in the workplace on a project basis. I want to take the CIPP/US mid-June (remotely? No idea, it’s all up in the air due to Covid). 

I reviewed IAPP’s textbook cover to cover, took notes, reviewed till my brain hurt. Did a 2.5 hour Jasper J mock CIPP exam yesterday 8 am. 64/90 71%. The 30 question IAPP: 67%. Nowhere near passing. I’ve kicked things up a notch by making index cards for case law. I’m really strong in state law. 

The test format itself is destroying me. Coupled with that, I remember what I got wrong so when I repeat exams I do perfect which is problematic since there’s barely any test materials available and I need to take this under good testing conditions.

My workplace subsidized my textbook and I’m paying out of pocket for the exam itself.

1. I have now (late April) to mid-June to boost my score into passing (at bare minimum 8-10 more correct questions to pass). Is this hopeless? Everyone seems to pass but this is really, really hard.

2. How do I simulate test-taking conditions if I’ve already taken all the exam samples out there?

3. Given it’s the test style I get flustered with, how would you approach this? I’m making index cards to know this stuff cold (get another few questions right this way) but OMG....help!!!
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