COVID/Recession proof ? Big Data or Cybersecurity ?

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Good Morning

Somewhat "broad" fields but for discussion purposes, which field is more recession proof- Big Data or Cybersecurity ?

Thank you !


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    To be honest, I wouldn't call any broad field or one industry less recession proof than the other. It boils down to the experience and skills that you make you indispensable to the organization. Both areas of technology have a lot of growth and future.  What do you feel that you feel more comfortable/gravitate towards?
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    I would say cybersecurity attracts me more
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    Just my 2c, but I would have to agree, I think any industry is fair game at the moment, with experience and skill playing a huge role.

    I would say either of those would go a long way to moving you slightly lower down the list as far as terminations go, and coupled with strong cloud skills it might be enough to buy you some time.  Both of these fields are very specialized (and as a relatively newcomer to cybersecurity, trust me, I speak from experience), so thinking you will do a course or two on either and you'll be set is not going to happen.

    Do invest, though, and do so deliberately. They are very different fields, so make sure you understand the paths of either before jumping in.
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    bill12345 said:
    I would say cybersecurity attracts me more

    What's your background / experience?
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    I almost think Sys admin could be fairly recession proof as you may be the last one to turn the lights off when everyone else is done. Even that can be outsourced and offshored these days and it depends on the industry you are supporting. I can see companies cutting on the cybersecurity depending on the organizations attitude to security.
    It is crystal ball gazing to try and know what and where a recession hits. There are always hints on types of industries that take a hammering but hard to tell otherwise. Try to be "essential" and well liked as that seems to get me by.
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    There aren't many things that are recession proof. And it entirely depends upon the nature of the recession. I like to think network admins are always in demand to some degree or another, as we still need to connect data and systems and people. That said, if you are a bad one, expect to still get cut should budgets decrease. And that's really what most white collar is about...decreased or dried up budgets ending projects or causing staff constriction.

    For the most part, get into what you enjoy and what you excel at. Strive to be a master and see where it goes. Either of those areas should still remain as industries even with an extended and deep recession.

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