Routers and Switches for labs?

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I just got done decommissioning an old Cisco network at work.  The CIO is giving me any of the Cisco equipment that was replaced for free.  What would I need for the CCNP and CCNA?  Would any of these work out?

1 Cisco Catalyst 2960 series POE 24
1 Cisco 3825
2 Cisco 2811
6 Cisco 2911 routers
1 Cisco 3560G Series POE 24
1 Cisco ASA 5510 series firewall
1 Cisco Catalyst 2960-X Series
2 Cisco Catalyst 3560 Series POE 48
1 Cisco ASA 5512-X series firewall  


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    Why not take it all :) and trade some part for the parts missing from your labs
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    If it were me I'd scoop all of them up, but I like to hoard that stuff :smile: . I used 2960's, 2811's, and 3560's for my CCNA. Not sure on the CCNP but I would imagine they would be better than nothing. I'd love to get my hands on a better ASA than the lousy 5505 I have :lol: 
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    I wish I could take it all but I don't have much space to keep it all in since I am a hoarder of IT stuff lol :D .  I just found out that the ISP does not want their Cisco 3400 Me switches back so I can add that to my list also for things I can take.  So much stuff but no space to keep it  :neutral:
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    Yeah grab everything, sign any release form saying that everything has been wiped and loaded with a fresh but unconfigured image to avoid any accidental information leakage to avoid any possible conflicts down the road.

    - b/eads
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    Well, you have left out a very important piece required to answer your question, the software.
    Hardware with no software/corrupted software/wrong software is nothing but a brick.

    All of this hardware is capable of being used in a ccna/ccnp lab if it has the right software with the right licensing. 
    So, assuming it is appropriately licensed to do what is necessary for the ccna/ccnp and has the latest version of that software,
    I'd prioritized the equipment

    newer over older
    2911 over 2811/3825
    2960X over 2960
    3560G over 3560
    5512X over 5510

    then layer 3 over layer 2 
    3560s over 2960's

    Then you need at a minimum, 2x layer 3 switches, 1x layer 2 switch (a layer 3 switch can be used as just a layer 2 switch), and 3x routers.
    Having the minimum means two things:
    1) you have to reconfigure the equipment now and then for the topics that your studying.
    This can be good and bad.  Bad that your wasting your time reconfiguring and not studying.
    Good, in that your running the commands several times which make them more memorable

    2) if something breaks, there will be things your unable to study until it is fixed/replaced.
    I have extra equipment in my labs, and extra equipment sitting around just in case.
    After all, it was all free.

    and the me3400 does have some particulars that are good when studying for service provider certifications, not so much for r&s.
    but, I have one sitting around just in case I might need it.
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    I started booting them up and they seem like they have a mix of these IOS versions,

    Do I need to upgrade these IOS versions if possible to a newer version or would these work just fine for the Cisco certs?

    Thank you for all the responses and it looks like I will have a Cisco 3925 I will be able to take freely also in a few weeks.
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    If they are getting rid of servers such as Dell 11th gen (R210/310/410/510/610/710/810/910) and IP phones you might want to grab some of those too so you can setup CME/CUCM.

    Also, I will suggest getting a PDU instead of just a normal power strip.
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    They are getting rid of a dell R430 dell server with 32GB of ram is all I know and I plan on asking to get that also if they will give it to me.  I found out they had an old Cisco VOIP server from 2014 that had the voice vms on it.  It feels like a birthday or holiday right now lol.
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    Do I need to upgrade these IOS versions if possible to a newer version?
    Yes, get the latest that is available to you.

    would these work just fine for the Cisco certs?
    maybe for the ccna
    probably not for the ccnp
    and definitely not for the ccie

    you want them running at least version 15 (can't for the 3560 poe switches, bye bye), 9.1 for the firewalls.

    and as mentioned, get as many accessories as you can: ram, compact flash, cover all the port covers, rack mounts, power cords,
    console cables, cat5e/cat6 cables for connecting things, power strip/s, racks, etc.

    same goes for the 3900, without software it is a brick and a heavy brick at that.
    But, those heavy power supplies aren't there for nothing.
    They can carry the load, and sometimes have the licensing for doing a lot of things.  So, worth checking out.
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    Grab that Dell R430.
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    All can be used for CCNA
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    I'd use GNS3 personally, hardware takes up room and electricity. I used GNS3 and/or packet tracer for all the Cisco studies/tests. But I understand why others like to have the hardware. 
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