Mile2 Certifications - Thoughts?

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I'm seeing Mile2 pop up more and more in discussions on other boards, and figured I'd hear some opinions on the quality and value of these credentials.


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    Can't really talk about the quality of the certification, but the on-demand training materials weren't great, in my opinion.  Your mileage may vary, of course, but I just wasn't impressed. I am not a huge fan of the e-book format (faux page turns are a turn off for me) and the videos weren't very engaging.
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    I refer to my CISSO as a "dollar store CISSP".   It covers most of the same ground as the CISSP and was developed by Kevin Henry, who also was/is a key player in developing the CISSP.   The CISSO obviously isn't anywhere near the CISSP as a credential, though. I'm glad I've got the CISSO.  I'm equally glad I bought the voucher on a Black Friday half price sale. The CISSO is not a cert that I would count on to open any doors.  I think most people would look at it and think/say, "That's nice.", then move on to the next line on my CV or LinkedIn profile.

    I feel the same way about my other Mile2 certs (CPTE and CIHE).  They're not bad certs and I actually hold them in some regard, but I'm not under any illusions that they're going to make a huge difference to a prospective employer.  They won't hurt anything, to be sure, but I mostly got them because I wanted a credential and didn't want (or need) to pay for a GIAC or E-Council cert at this stage of my career.  A younger person might not feel so generous.

    Mile2's training needs a lot of polish, to put it mildly.
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    How many current job postings are asking for Mile2's certs?
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