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What's going on fellow nerds,

I am back on my attemp to get into IT.  I am using Linux Academy's Security+ videos and there are pretty good as far as I can tell.  I have always been afraid of security.  The problem I am having is that halfway through, I have noticed it is a definition party!  When I passed my CCNA back in the day, there was theory that had to be learned, definitions/terminology and a hands on component.  

Am I missing something?  Perhaps, I need to purchase a book?  Thoughts?

Irie Iyare
CCENT, CCNA(EXPIRED), BS Electrical Engineering (Communications/Optics/Nanotechnology)


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    Check out Darril Gibson's Get Certified Get Ahead Security+ guide. He does an excellent job of covering everything you need to know for the exam. It's what I used, and I passed easily. Check out his reviews on Amazon.
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