AWS SAA interest while working in cybersecurity advisory

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So my AWS SAA is expiring in December and I'm no longer actively involved on AWS related tasks. I still have the knowledge but I don't see the value in maintaning or upgrading a cert just for the sake of recognition. Another part of me is thinking that keeping an AWS cert can prove quite helpful as you never know what tomorrow will bring. 

I'm currently working on getting CISM this summer and also doing the new CLoud Security Alliance auditing cert, CCAK, when it comes out in a few months. I believe that's a better alternative as my daily tasks are closer to GRC advisory, Auditing, Cyber risk management, BC/DR... 

What do you think of that plan ? 
Certifications : ITIL, MCSA Office 365, MCSE Productivity, AWS CSAA, Azure Architect, CCSK, TOGAF
Studying for :  TBD
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