SYS 501 passed

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I hold CISSP,CISM,CASP and a few others so I was hoping I would get this done without incident. 

The last time I took Security+ was in 2007.  I thought I would sit for the newest version to see how the exam has changed. Fun experience and it allows me to show my students that the exam is nothing to be worried about.  I am looking forward to moving back to CISA study.  

The online testing was challenging. First my room was too dark, then the lights were wrong and the proctor didn't like how my face looked.  I ended up taking the exam in the dark with no lights and the curtain closed. That was annoying but never the less I was-able to pass it.  I had the exam stop a few times but the timer kept going while the issues were resolved... just something to be aware of.

- I teach SYS501 in a boot camp format ...    
- Official Review and Study guides from CompTIA (I provide them to my students so I have reviewed each book maybe 10 times or more) 

All in all, a fun experience.  But I am looking forward to teaching CISSP for work  and again moving back to CISA study for personal education in the future ....


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