Cybersecurity Weekly: DNS flaw, Natura data leak, ZLoader banking malware

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A new DNS vulnerability lets attackers launch large-scale DDoS attacks. Cosmetic brand Natura exposes personal details of its users. The ZLoader banking malware has been deployed in over 100 campaigns. All this, and more, in this week’s edition of Cybersecurity Weekly.


1. New DNS vulnerability lets attackers launch large-scale DDoS attacks

Cybersecurity researchers disclosed details about a new flaw impacting DNS protocol that can be exploited to launch amplified, large-scale DDoS attacks to take down targeted websites. Called NXNSAttack, the flaw hinges on the DNS delegation mechanism to force DNS resolvers to generate more DNS queries to authoritative servers of attacker’s choice.
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2. Cosmetic brand Natura exposes personal details of its users

Brazil’s biggest cosmetics company, Natura, accidentally left hundreds of gigabytes of its customers’ personal and payment-related information accessible online that could have been accessed by anyone without authentication. Security researchers found over 1.5 terabytes of data in a public-facing database.
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3. ZLoader banking malware deployed in over 100 campaigns

A banking malware called ZLoader, last seen in early 2018, has been spotted in more than 100 email campaigns since the beginning of the year. The trojan is under active development with 25 versions seen in the wild since its comeback in December 2019, with the latest observed this month. The malicious email campaigns target users with COVID-19 topics and invoices.

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