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Has anyone ever used a book scanning service?   I have bought copies of Q&A for some ISACA exams and other course material ...I want to scan  in PDF so I can keep everything in one place on an IPAD.  It would be easier than  shipping books when I move back to the U.S. 


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    You might encounter some push back because it's copyrighted material, and many companies are reluctant to duplicate it for fear of lawsuit. I agree, though, about not wanting to ship books back to the US. Right now, international shipping costs are crazy high because of the pandemic. It might be cheaper just to buy these materials again in digital form and then sell the books to try to recoup some of your expenses.
  • balancebalance Member Posts: 244 ■■■■■□□□□□
    yea I was thinking that much ....  Just much easier if I can keep them on in once place . But I can understand the issue with the copyright. 
  • tedjamestedjames Member Posts: 1,179 ■■■■■■■■□□
    I certainly agree about the space/convenience thing. I stopped buying hard copy tech books a long time ago. I have so many now that, if they were in printed form, they'd fill up my house.
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