Re-Certified AWS Solutions Architect Pro. It's still a tough exam even with yrs of AWS experience.

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It covers a lot of services, not many can say they use all of them regularly so definitely study the exam guide and read documentation. 

Areas covered that you should have a decent understanding of to pass (in no particular order):

-EC2 instance families/sizes, networking features and costs
-Load Balancing, Auto-scaling
-Networking (VPCs, SGs, Direct Connect, VIFs, VPNs, BGP, route tables, etc)
-Lambda, ElasticBeanstalk, deployment methodologies (canary, blue/green, etc) and when to use one over the other
-Cloudwatch, Cloudtrail
-S3 (features, acceleration, search capabilities, integration with CloudFront, IA/Glacier, lifecycles)
-Cloudfront configuration, integration with other services
-Databases types (use cases and capabilities of: RDS, Multi-AZ RDS, DynamoDB, DocumentDB, Aurora, Redshift), especially when it comes to HA features.
-IAM, Cognito, KMS, WAF/Shield
-Server Migration Services, Database Migration Service, data migration using Import/Export and Snowball.
-Capabilities of CodeCommit, CodeBuild, CodeDeploy, CodePipeline and X-Ray
-Integration of those with Github, Jenkins and other tools.
-Route53 and VPC DNS configs
-Kinesis, Batch, ECS/EKS, other random services.  
-Batch/Step Functions

I'm sure I'm forgetting a few, it's a long exam.  Good luck!

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    That is good to know. I like hearing when a vendor's expert or architect level exams are actually really hard. 
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    Thanks for sharing about the Pro and congrats to you. I am slowly working my way through Associate but work wants me to waste time on 2 minor certs so backburner again
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