Red Team interview preparedness

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Hi all, I'll be interviewing for an internal red team position and want to prepare myself as best as possible, however I definitely don't want to bullshit the interviewers because if I wasn't ready for the job but still somehow landed it I would be found out fast.

I mentioned to the person hiring my interest in offensive .NET, however in my current role I just haven't had the time or support to develop my skills. He mentioned there might be some code review in the interview or questions around using Windows APIs for code execution, and this has me spooked. Does anyone have some introductory resources for C# specifically as an offensive tool? I have some coding skills to write scripts and small tools in various languages, but this is different and I want to at least demonstrate my interest and foundational knowledge.

I expect there to be questions around kill chains, TTPs, the MITRE framework, C2 infrastructure, maybe questions on planning and preparing, and I think I could handle all these questions fine, and that worries me because I can't think of more topics or questions that I would struggle with.

If you have any resources, advice or personal experiences please share, TIA!


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