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Hl All,

Hope you are all safe and well in this tough and scary time!

I was hoping someone was able to assist with giving me some resources for studying for the LFCS exam? I am finding there aren't many resources online, but still find it much better than a Linux+ etc as it forces you to be hands on with linux vs just learning the concepts (that's the reason I am taking this exam).

Well hoping someone can help, if not i'll just continue to put different sources together and slowing tick off all of the exam topics until i'm profecicent in them all.

Thanks in advanced!


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    I think your plan of ticking off exam topics is a good way to go. I got the combined L+ and LPIC and found it to be very challenging and difficult to study for. Maybe just use the L+ or Red Hat material you find and tailor to your study purposes. Maybe do some web based research on "LFCS exam review / experience" to see what you are in for.
    Did you purchase the LFCS training package? Apparently it is not enough to pass.
    I have heard Sander van Vugt has some good resources.

    I believe the exam will want you about command switches so seems similar to L+ in that respect. The L+ was really out of date and tested on tech that was quite "ancient" and "useless". Expect to get questions on the bread and butter stuff

    - Fixing unclean filesystems

    - Kill a process with different signals

    - Quotas

    - Hard and soft links

    - Crontab

    - Processes on startup

    - inodes

    Hope that helps a little bit. I know it is kinda generic.

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