CISA exam prep

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Please suggest study plan for CISA exam 


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    Order the study guide and QAE database from ISACA then dive in. I passed both CISM and CISA with that approach.
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    How much time did it take to prepare? I am full-time working and max can get 1-2 everyday for study
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    How long it took me to prepare is not relevant. Its a common question for people to ask, but I never like it because I feel one might be setting a benchmark based on someone else when there are variables that differ from person to person. How much time you will need depends on the amount of time it takes you to grasp the material. Two hours everyday for two weeks might be enough for some while two hours everyday for two months might be required for others. How much audit experience do you have? How comfortable are you with the job practice areas for the exam?

    Search for a thread from 2018 called CISA - preliminary pass 18-April to read about my experience. 

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    E Double U in that several questions commonly asked here, such as "How much time does it take to prepare for the ABC exam?", "How many XYZ questions will appear on the ABC exam?", and "What is the minimum number of questions I need to get correct to pass the ABC exam?" will not help anyone study for or pass any certification exam. You simply schedule your exam date and study as diligently as you can until that date. Only you can realize how much you need to study and what study practices are the best for you to use.
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    I took a bootcamp in June sponsored by ISACA - New England Chapter, I read the Sybex CISA manual, and I am currently reading the CRM and I have the QAE to go through after that. I am also taking the LinkedIn CISA video by Human Elements.

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