Passed GCPM

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I passed the GCPM last week.  This was my 11th GIAC exam and by far the toughest exam for me to study for.  It's not that the test is difficult or the material is hard to understand.  I just found it so boring.  I'm not a project manager and don't have any plans to become one.  If it wasn't a requirement for the MSISE I wouldn't have taken this course.  I usually spend 3-5 weeks studying for a GIAC exam.  This one took me three months.  This course was previously only offered at live SANS events.  Due to COVID-19 I was able to attend the class remotely.  SANS sends you two additional books along with the course ware.  The books are PMP study guides and go deeper into some of the material.  I didn't look at either of the books so I can't really comment on how useful they are.  I think the majority of people that take this course do so because it's a requirement for the MSISE, they want a project management cert but don't meet the experience requirements of the PMP or they are looking for a project management training course so they can take the PMP.  Although I didn't enjoy the course it does provide a good overview of project management.  It also does a good job of showing how to create a project charter, project management plan and all the subsidiary plans.  Identifying and managing stakeholders is another part of the course I found interesting. 


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