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I would like to understand in what order I should take the CIMP and the CIPT. I have found some disagreement on the web on this subject.

My backgrounds is accountancy and at the moment I'm a cybersecurity student.
I have been reading though the programs and I can relate to quiet a lot of the CIPT but I'm aware some people leave this one last.
I know the first one I should take is the CIPP but I'm not sure what order I should follow after it.

I have some experience in privacy but nothing particularly technical, just some minor projects.

Can you give me some suggestions on this?


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    My suggestion would be to take CIPM before CIPT as there are a lot of CIPM concepts in the CIPT exam scenarios. Additionally, make sure you read through IAPP's Blog as some exam related topics are often discussed.
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    I did CIPT before the CIPM, I found CIPT very easy but then I come from a technology background. What about doing the CIPP first? 
    I will definitely be doing CIPP first. My issue is, as you can see in this article too, is that I receive different suggestions of what do to first between CIPM and CIPT.

    Is CIPT program technical when it comes to technology (like CompTIA) or is more theory?
    What is your technology background?
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    I tried to follow the oder but finally decided to go for CIPT first as I am coming from 100% technical security background then will go for CIPM. 
    Any recommendation on CIPT exam prep- I ordered two books - Strategic Privacy by Design and An Introduction to Privacy for Technology. 
    How long does it take to prep considering I read every day for at least 2-3 hours. 
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