Passed AWS Solutions Architect Associate SAA-C02

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Dont know my score, just told me I passed. I have been in IT, in the sysadmin role, for about 10 years. I do a little bit of everything. Last certification i took was many years ago with VMware (VCP5-DCV).

I have been curious and interested in cloud for awhile. After diving into the material and getting hands on in the AWS console I quickly realized how powerful AWS is. Its incredible what you can do and how quickly you can do it.

To learn I picked up Stephane Mareeks course on Udemy. I also picked up Jon Bonsos practice exams. After going through Stephanes course I was making mid 60's and some 70's on the practice tests. The practice tests give explanations and links to resources if you want to do a deeper dive. I reviewed questions I missed and why I missed them.

I took the exam online through PearsonVue. This was very convenient as I was able to schedule the test 30 minutes after I felt like I was prepared.

Next up will be SysOps


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    Congrats on the pass!
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    Very cool! Awesome pass! 
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    Well done!! Do you know your score yet?
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    Congrats! The Maarek + Bonso combo is just perfect. 
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    How long did you study? 
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    I studied off an on for about 4 months but it can definitely be done much faster. There was probably a month of that I didn't study just because the pandemic threw me off and I didn't think I would be able to take the test until I found out about the online proctored option. I highly recommend the resources I used. Stephanes course was great and Bonsos practice exams (both on udemy) really prepare you for the difficulty level of the actual exam questions. I would say that Bonsos questions were actually more difficult than what I saw on the exam but the style of questions were the same.

    I will use this same combo for sysops and devops.
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    I heard great things about Neil Davis course on Udemy so I bought that. Depending how the rest of the year goes will determine when I start studying for this one. There’s definitely time for me to take this one. 
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    Congrats!  It's really cool that you were able to schedule the exam so quickly, I really hope they keep the online option moving forward.
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    congrats on the pass.  Stephane course does seem good, but seems to lack a lot of details, it's strictly exam related.  I've been using it in combination with Adrian's new course  (he created the aws saa/sap for linuxacademy) on his new platform (
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    These are one of the certifications I plan to be going for and will like to stay posted in this thread.

    Do you have any tips or tricks for someone new to AWS for preparing for this cert? You would without a doubt suggest CCP over this one first?
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