Certified Chief Information Security Officer - CCISO

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Certification Name: CCISO - Certified Chief Information Security Officer

1. Who should get this certification?

They say that people at executive level can go for it. But trust me, I was not (technical background), and I wanted to evolve. I managed to take part in projects driven by the board and executives, and when the time had come, I asked for this certification, and thus, I had the verifiers to confirm my experience.

So, I think almost anyone can get this certification as long as you are ready to work (a lot, actually!) and learn about things more from a strategic and planning point of view.

2. Study material and guides used

I subscribed via iClass. You get access to amazing videos and presentations.

Mine was with Keith Rayle, and it worth it! I also manage to search online (again, a lot!) and used different resources. Infosec Institute, ISACA (yes), Cybrary, Udemy... It helps to you to become familiar with the topics and the terminology. I also built some flashcards by myself so that I can review essential things.

3. Preparing for the exam day

First of all, schedule the exam! If you fail to do it, your voucher will expire, and you won't find the courage to move forward ;) When the countdown is running, you find the energy inside to work, study, work and study again till the D Day!

I review my notes, flashcards, etc. but I also did some practice tests, online search, and else. PREPARE your environment to be quiet, efficient, and compliant to the requirements! Even if I did that, I got a few issues, but the proctor managed to help me. Avoid too much stress by doing that several days before (get your webcam ready, do some testings, check the chair, angles etc.).

4. On the day of the exam

I manage to study again but I decided to stop everything 1 hour before the beginning of the exam.

Take this time to relax, close your eyes, and focus on the next step.

5. Passing the exam

When it starts, you the very first questions, you know if you will enjoy (or if it will be a total nightmare!.

You need to manage time and not to stress too much.

6. Final thoughts

I enjoyed it! It is fantastic to see that you passed. The proctor congratulates you, and then you got your transcript and score! 

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