SSCP Winning!!!

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Certification Name: Systems Security Certified Practitioner 

1. Who should get this certification?

All Cybersecurity professionals looking to advance their career and eventually obtain the gold standard, CISSP!

2. Study material and guides used

Self-studied all SSCP materials, specifically Official Study Guide Second Edition by Mike Willis.

3. Preparing for the exam day

I prepared for a total of 2 months while in quarantine. A couple hours a day was my way forward.

4. On the day of the exam

On test day, I relaxed, had a light breakfast, and utilized all 3 hours on the exam. Confidence is key!

5. Passing the exam

When I passed, I was overwhelmed with happiness. It’s another step into my Cybersecurity career and loving the journey!

6. Final thoughts

You can do anything you put your mind to! Believe in yourself and pay it forward! 


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