Passed GCWN

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Without a doubt, this exam is challenging. I’m honestly surprised this exam doesn’t get talked about a lot. The course itself has so much useful material that it’s easy to overlook something. Like others have stated from older post, if you have a strong index and you review the books a few times then you’ll do fine. 
The course does not come with a lab book, but there is a lot of hands on practical exercises to help you understand what’s going on. As most people, I’ve come from a Windows System Admin background. If you take the time to build out your index thoroughly then the practice test and the real exam won’t be too difficult. 

This was probably the second hardest SANs certification exams that I’ve taken with them. It’s time for a much needed break. If anyone has any questions, please feel free to ask. The OSCP and the GSE are now on my radar.


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