Scored 730 and need 750

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Failed  CYSA+ today.  I am not surprised as I did not put much time into prep. I skimmed the  sybex book and thought that my knowledge of logs would be enough to get me though. Clearly not .  Going to put some serious work into passing this exam. I need to know the material well enough to teach it. 


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    I am sorry for your failure, but I would say that everytime I underestimated an exam.. I failed... and often by not much.. 

    I was starting to prepare the VCP-Desktop, then I went to Vmware Partner in 2013, I took the VCP-Desktop exam because it was only 50%, I failed by not much 276 on 500 (300 were required). 

    So no, I dont take exam, if I am not sure.

  • balancebalance Member Posts: 244 ■■■■■□□□□□
    Oh,  yes  I underestimated it .  So i deserve this kick in the teeth 
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    CompTIA has seriously stepped up their game for their latest exams. It seems like this getting most people due to its wide array of topics. The all in one book covers a majority of the topics to pass the exam. 
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    I had the same score as well, and a 714...then the 3rd time I passed it...however, the 1st two tries I failed was on the 1st version of CySA+, which I thought the PBQs were very vague and quite horrible.  Keep at it & you will pass it.
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    Yep for sure .

    Boss wants me to get this one knocked out  so  at some point  I need to get it done. 
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