CBT training and organization

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Kind of a weird title.  I find myself more and more using CBT to learn, from anything to programming languages to Microsoft applications.  When doing so I find myself taking in a lot of information.  Mostly it's okay, however in some situations I would like to go back and reference what I learned.  

I am just curious what strategy do you use for this, or do you do something else?  For instance, I am building one of the hospitals I support and fairly detailed Access database.  I have gone through several UDEMY courses to learn more around the networking side of Access and automation.  Well.....   I may need to go back sometime to review if I forget something or something similar comes up.  I've ran into other situations using Python, Powershell even some SQL which I have a ton of experience.  With books it's easy I just store them in a corner and I can grab reference and go forward.  But with less and less books and more and more CBT's I am losing structure lol.


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    I type my notes up in Google Docs.  For certs I tend to put my notes in a folder that is named after that particular certification.

    For PowerShell I just have a folder on my computer with scripts I’m working on and just keep comments within the script.  I’m thinking about creating a snippets folder where I keep individual files that have pieces of code that do certain things for quick reference instead of having to dig through old scripts like I do now.
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